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Here is the Lavylites purchase guide:

Our Lavylites purchase guide will help you step by step.

I noticed that it’s not always easy for unexperienced online customers to buy online.

If you need further help, don't hesitate to contact me in advance.

1. Register with Lavylites for free

If you are not yet registered with Lavylites, please take a look at the simple registration guide or read the following quick guide.....

You’re not registered with Lavylites?
Then take a quick look at these Lavylites registration instructions for your free registration with Lavylites in three easy steps:

Click the registration link at
Or here on this Lavylites registration link.

Complete all mandatory fields (*).
You will need a sponsor ID on the registration page.
Feel free to use my sponsor ID 380042 here
(My name should be directly below: Ginter Frank)

After completing your registration, you will receive an email from Lavylites with your data which you will need later to login.

2. Login to Lavylites

At you click on "Login to partner area".
Now you need the information from the Lavylites email for your login, which you received after you registered.
Enter your own partner ID for username.
As a password, use the one you chose while registering.

3. Lavylites webshop

As soon as you are logged in, you will find yourself in the partner area of ​​Lavylites.
Here you will also find the link to the webshop (as a second entry in the menu on the left).
After clicking there, you will find yourself in the webshop and here you will see all the Lavylites product categories.

4. Select Lavylites products and place them in your shopping cart

You are now on the Lavylites webshop were you can view all product lines such as Lavyl, Solvyl, Exyol, Heavyl, Pentyl and the associated products.

Select one of the product groups and click on it. If you for example want to buy Lavyl Auricum, please select the Lavyl product group.

Here you will find all the products from the Lavyl series, including the Lavyl Auricum. The Auricum is available in two sizes. As a 50ml or a 150ml bottle.

You will usually notice the first effects quickly, but sometimes you start noticing them after 1-2 months, I can only advise you to buy the larger bottles which will also last you longer....

Have you decided on a Lavylites product? Now just click on "Add to Cart". If you click there more than once, you adjust the number of items you want.
You can also adjust the number of items later in the shopping cart.

5. Edit your shopping cart in Lavylites

At the top left in the white area, you will find the small picture of a shopping cart, this is your shopping cart. Click on this shopping cart now. Here you can edit your products and the corresponding quantity.

Edit your shipping address if needed.
(Here you will be able to send an order Lavylites products directly to friends...)

Edit your billing address if needed.

Edit the transport mode if needed.

Select the payment method.
IMPORTANT: As with most online shops, your order will only be processed at the Lavylites online shop if a payment has been received there.
The faster you Pay, like for example with PayPal, credit card or coupons, the faster the package including products will arrive to you.
Bank transfer (prepayment) takes the longest.... That means you will have to wait longer for your Lavylites products to arrive...

6. Place your Lavylites purchase

You have all the products with the right amount in your shopping cart.

Shipping address, billing address, mode of transport and payment are also correct.
Then you can now click on "Order"
Now the shop shows you everything for the last check.
If everything is correct, you now click on "Send order".

Depending on the selected payment method, you will be for example forwarded to PayPal or to credit card entry.
When making a bank transfer, you will receive an email with the payment modalities at the end.

(All statements and information without guarantee)
Please contact me in advance.

I am here to help you!


You want to buy lavylites at a purchase price?

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